• 1.Prior entering the marina please contact the marina advising us of your arrival.
    Contact person: Liang Chuxi (18789388319), Li Xiaoying (13519804111)
    2. Visun provides navigating service If the yacht enters marina by sea, if the yacht enters marina by road, Visun marina provides launch and haul out services
    3. Foreign Boaters need to go to a port of entry and check in with immigration and customs.  Yachts’ information and crew Ids are to be provided by Owners of all yachts
    4. A berthing notice is issued after all required documents are submitted and the yacht is permitted to enter the marina.
    5. Prepay electricity meter cards in various values are available in Account Department for berth holders, electrical power outlets are available at marina services.
    6. A berthing agreement is to be signed within 5 working days once a vessel is tied up and secured at marina.
    Booking e-mail: marina@visun-yacht.com  contact Number: 0898-88600012