Member Services

Dear members:
Thank you for joining our Visun Royal Yacht Club.
At the very beginning of the club, we sincerely thank you for the time you share with us. With a view to “Serve You, Exist for Sea, Enjoy Luxuriousness and Every Detail”, we provide the most professional and intimate service for you and are willing to listen to you at any time, making every Visun journey of yours full of surprises!
Our vision - Visun Royal Yacht Club will be a place for you to obtain sincere care and happiness, a shelter for your boat to berth and rest.
ur actions -Plan the sailing schedule in accordance with your requirements; provide butler services of catering, accommodation, travel, entertainment, shopping, transportation, business and the like for you.
After receiving your booking, we will take over all of your issues. You can freely sail in the sea, rest on bed, relax in outdoor swimming poor, taste wine and delicacies, listen to melody and enjoy your completely private time.
Our information:
Exclusive line for members: 0898-88634006
Time: 08:30AM-18:00PM
The membership service assistant will provide you with 24-hour follow-up service by telephone.