The 2012 Yacht Summer Camp Of Sailing Star Factory

The 2012 Yacht Summer Camp Of Sailing Star Factory
   ------- The first top-level yacht summer camp in our country

To initiate the sailing dream in the blue waters of Sanya!
The platinum five-star yacht base,and the overall one-stop service of steward.
The bilingual course lectured  by the top international coach and the experiential training of driving yacht in person.
To experience the Robinson island adventures and to harvest the survival skills.
The sailing star factory is looking forward to work with you and become the star of Chinese sailing field with your help!

Hosted by: The sailing experiential center of the Visun International Yacht Club in Sanya
5 outstanding advantages:
1、The top-level hardware facilities
There are top yacht club, exclusive piers, the world-class imported yachts and the platinum five-star yacht hotel . You can enjoy the best hardware facilities and the distinguished experience.
2、The professional catering management team to service for you.
You will enjoy the food served by the professional catering team in a humanized way. The feedback of camp members will be collected and we will make reasonable improvements according to it. We will perfect the HACCP system to ensure the food safety and hygiene, the balanced diet and to keep the nutritional balance.
3、The demanding safety standards together with the emergency measures.
The carefully deliberated processes of activities, the semi-enclosed camp management, the experienced faculty teams, the rotation system of day and night for security  team, the experienced medical staff, the reasonable emergency measures to make sure the safety of members and their health and happiness.
4、The intimate services and the good care in every possible way.
The temperature monitoring three times a day, the monitoring of the indoor temperature, the routine ward round of turning the nights off in night, the sterilization of the rooms. The platinum five-star yacht hotel will provide you with the "nanny services".
5、The interactive platform which is far away in sight.
We will update a large number of photos and upload it to the QQ group and the micro-blog. At the same time, we will make timely interaction with parents and make a fixed parent-child hot-line time to make the parents known the situation of the camp.

The platinum five-star professional services are as follows:
The medical treatment--- The experienced medical staff for outdoor emergency will follow the team all the way. There are infirmaries in the base to properly handle all emergencies.
The meal --- The five-star chef of the yacht hotel will serve the camp members with nutritious meals, seasonal fruits, the sweep soup during the lunch break, and the evening desserts, which are of variety and balanced nutrition.
The accommodation--- You can accommodate the platinum five-star yacht hotel which have the luxury standard twin rooms(air conditioning, TV set, private bathroom), the steward service to make a concentrated accommodation and convenient management.
The transport--- The experienced drivers who has been driving for more than 10 years will escort you with the hotel tourist bus all the way.
The entertainment--- The organizing committee will design the activity programs and equipments to ensure the instructive value, the entertainment and the safety of the activities.

 The camp members who make the registration will receive a souvenir of fine sailing characteristics.
If you have the member card, you can have the 10% rental discount of Visun International Yacht Club within a year.
The members who make the registration will receive a memorial suit.(a hat and 2 pieces of T shirts.)
The members will receive the personal accident injury insurance which is worth of 110000 yuan.(including 100000yuan for accidents and 10000yuan for medical care)
Members will receive a beautiful USB flash disk, containing photographs recording the brilliant moments of the summer camp.
The enrollment target: The young people of age 15 to 22 who are sound in body and mind.
The activity content:
1.The sailing courses and the quality development
2.The sailing challenge
3.The parading experience of power boats.
4.The parent-child activities.
5.The snorkeling and the PADI diving training and experience.
6.The etiquette of noble knights
7.The sea carnival---sailing life experience.
8.The interesting dragon boat race & the golf training and experience.

Time arrangement:The sailing season will be divided into 2 parts and one week for each phase.
The first phase: July 15 to July 21, 2012
The second phase: August 1 to August 7,2012

The activity expenses: 13888 for each person and for each phase(including the cost for five-star board and lodging, the boat rental, the tickets of scenic spots, the training, the site, the equipment and the transportation)
The expenses specification:
1.The members of Visun International Yacht Club in Sanya can enjoy 12%discount. 
2.The camp members who register before June 15 can have the bonus which is valued 888 yuan.
3.Two or more than two people register at one time will receive the bonus which is worth of 688 yuan.
4.Four or more than two people register at one time will receive the bonus which is worth of 1088 yuan for each person.
5.All the above promotions can not be received at the same time.

The contact information:+86 (898)88600123     +86 (898)88601399
The address:Visun International Yacht Club in the Time Coast, the No.2Yuya Avenue, Sanya, Hainan The