About Yacht

        Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club was founded on 26th July 2005, it was lavishly invested by Visun Group and ranked the third business in the Group . The Yacht Club is situated at the estuary of the natural peninsula embraced by 2 rivers flowing through the unique tropical seaside city-Sanya, China. Its east side is adjacent to Dadong bay , south side facing to South China Sea , west side linking to Sanya bay, and up-looking to the lover’s knoll named Luhuitou. The marina site area of the Visun Royal Yacht Club covers more than thousand meters river bank of the peninsula, and owns the unique tropical, oceanic resources and its affiliated facilities.
       Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club is a multi-directional yacht project integrated with chartering, yacht sales , berth lease , membership sales , yacht merchandise street and yacht hotel businesses. The phase I project for 72 Bellingham marinas was completed and in operation since May 2009, total 600 marinas with high-standard was planned to build; Meanwhile, the world-known and reputed yacht manufacturers such as Pershing, Brunswick , Beneteau have stationed into the Club to mutually construct the most luxurious yacht club in South China , providing the customers with yacht berth, chartering, training and buying-led service inclusive of motor yacht, sail boat and fishing boat so on and so forth . It is foreseeable that more and more well-known yacht brands will join in the Visun Royal Yacht Club in the future.
        Visun Royal Yacht Hotel is a members hotel which is subsidiary to the Visun Royal Yacht Club, and also a platinum 5-star yacht hotel with full of oceanic features. The attributes of yacht vacation , sea-sports , MICE and personal retreat were dedicatedly taken into accounts while making the whole construction plan.  This yacht hotel is a masterpiece built by Visun Group with enormous investment upon the admirable design co-worked by the mixed team inclusive of Nihon Sekkei , Cheng Chung Design (HK) Ltd. , Shenzhen TongJi Architects and Belt Collins International. 
          Visun Royal Yacht Hotel introduces the full intellectualized automation system for management , offers distinguished and personalized service to the guests upon the IT platform. It has 88 King-sized rooms including Moon River Room , Pirate Room , Caribbean Suite and Hook Suite presented diverse style and sundry features, it also provides our noble guests with southeastern Asia cuisines , multifunction hall, Spa treatment etc. The hotel is open in the Spring Season of 2010 。